Erik Seidel’s exclusion from the top ten is the spotlight of the last GPI (Global Poker Index) ranking. The American poker professional gathered a stupendous loss of points. Thus, after getting remove from the dais, he just finished up on the twenty-third spot. But the situation is totally different for his countryman who maintained his position quite successfully.

Jason Mercier, indeed, goes on to defend his spot successfully as the best poker pro in the world as he performed very well in various other poker events. Bertrand Grospellier, the French No. 1, also held his ranking as the 2nd best with 2718.46 points. On the other hand, Shawn Buchanan had to go out of the dais and currently placed at the fifth spot. David Sands made quite an impressive climb and go to the 3rd spot with 2544.84 points.

As far as the other members in the top ten are concerned, Eugene Katchalov is ranked at 4th spot, Stephen O’Dwyer is positioned at 6th, and Sorel Mizzi, Mike McDonald, Jonathan Duhamel and Andrew Lichtenberg are positioned at 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th spot. Noah Schwartz met the similar fate as Seidel as he threw off ten places after a short show in the top ten players rankings. Not to forget that eleven French players Roger Hairabedian, Guillaume Darcourt, Nicolas Levi, Jean-Noel Thorel, Jean-Philippe Rohr, Tristan Clemencon, Bruno Lopes, Ilan Boujenah and Arnaud Mattern are ranked among the top hundred players in the GPI which is surely a exciting news for French poker players.