Martin Staszko: A Male Poker Player

He was born on the 22nd of June in the year 1976. Filferda is his nickname in the game. He is basically from Trinec Czech republic.

His present age is 38 years of age. This player is purely known for his playing and his game. He is the best known as the runner up of the main event at the 2011 World Series of the poker where he finished second to Pius Heinz. He lives in the industrial southern Silesia town of the Trinec country. He does not belong to a strong family baground his parents are Rudolf. His parents work in iron works and the Zofie who works as a Pharmacist. He was an athlete at his school time he was long jump athlete.

He unfortunately could not show his hard work and passion in this game but he had proved himself in the poker playing. Before starting with the poker he also played chess which by his side played an important role in playing the poker games according to him playing chess helped him stay on the table on for a long time and also have patients and winning spirit on. But later he understood that poker playing will be much beneficial and useful for him as in this game we don’t need hard work and we have huge earnings also. His things had been changed at this time he thought that poker playing is a piece of cake with much higher earnings. Continue reading Martin Staszko: A Male Poker Player

Hevad Khan straddles online and in live events to earn more while cementing his reputation

The genesis of poker player to virtual games that offer more versatility is an interesting trend in the continuum of this gambling game. It has seen the emergence of poker gurus who have proclivity to bring a final table down while enlarging their bankrolls.

However, players can perform outstandingly well online and in live events, the resume of Hevad Khan is a crystal clear demonstration of this. Khan’s strategic play imperceptibly involves multiple-tabling at different high-stakes events, this has been ascertained as he has played live on cameras. Apart from his quirky approach in online tournaments, he has also final tabled at the World Series of Poker. His flexibility in the game has enabled him to enlarge his bankroll into a million bucks.

Khan plays online under the screen name “RaiNKhaN”, he won the Sunday Warm-Up buy-in where he bested a pool of 2,504 entrants to rake in $97,856. In 2007, he played at the World Series of Poker tournament placing 6th for $956,243. Continue reading Hevad Khan straddles online and in live events to earn more while cementing his reputation