Regulations For Poker In Europe

If you thought that online poker rooms have it easy, that is not so.

In order to run legitimate operations there are several approvals that need to be taken by licensing authorities. This is the situation for PokerStars that has been on the mission to expand operations in the different European countries. PokerStars has recently launched its website in Portugal but it is yet to be operational. The launch has happened as was announced in the third quarter conference meeting that was held by Amaya Gaming, the parent company of PokerStars.

Portuguese regulations are holding back due to certain clearances that the online wagering and sport betting sections need. PokerStars is a company that believes in running legit operations in full compliance with country wide regulations. The company has ambitious plans for launching unique online poker events in their Portugal site. For instance, they are planning to have ring side events in this country website.

Players would get access to the award winning online poker room software that PokerStars offers through the other forums. The operation in the country would remain separate and not part of the worldwide event of PokerStars. It is hoped that Portuguese players will be able to experience liquidity as they play and win at the different events. Regulators in countries like Italy and France are looking to combine the liquidity in online poker and it is hoped that regulators in countries like Portugal would also take up similar options. As of today the online liquidity being restricted, poker licenses are being issued, but not all kinds of online poker games can be introduced in websites in Portugal or other countries. The population considered for Portugal website will probably be in the millions. It is hoped that PokerStars will have options to cash in on the audience.