11 thoughts on “Pro-Am Poker Equalizer Professionals vs. Celebrities S01E01 1/5”

  1. That commentator phil gordon is 6’9”, but they make him the same height as
    the other guy at 3:00 lol

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  3. Okay but what’s the title. in the end a pro will win very unlikely a celeb
    will win

  4. i think the celebs don’t stand a chance because the pros have 4k in chips
    and have more brilliant minds whereas the celebs only have 3k in chips and
    are amateurs

  5. but its not always pros vs amateur so that doesn’t really make too much

  6. Just the short stacks alone make the playinf field more even, giving them a
    chip lead makes it moreso. I might even give them the advantage when the
    pros only have 33 bbs

  7. sure we should mute the players talk and let ali’s fucking annoying voice
    interrupt every table talk

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