PokerStars Rejoin The Prostate Cancer UK

The annual one night event of Poker “Lads Night In” will be held on 21st of October.

It is a joint venture by the charity named Prostate Cancer UK and PokerStars. The charity helps in raising money towards treatment of prostate cancer. Lads Night In was a grand event which took place last year as there were over 5,400 people that took part to raise funds. The amount raised for charity can be higher this year. The packs of Lads Night In are available on the website of Prostate Cancer UK and it consists of a deck of cards, a sheet with guidelines of the Poker game and a dealer button. Players are inspired to donate regardless of how small is the amount and raise funds by playing the game with their friends and families.

PokerStars are quite delighted as they would be joining hands once again with Prostate Cancer UK as per Sue Hammett, who is the leader in the Rational Group. There are deaths taking place every hour due to this deadly disease and hence PokerStars is trying to do their best to change that. They are getting people ready to take part in the event to ensure that enough money is raised for the betterment of patients.

The director of the Prostate Cancer UK dealing with the fund raising department said that they are glad to sign a partnership deal with PokerStars for the second time. They are expecting a higher count of audience this time. The campaign is most likely to reach out to people and inspire them to take care of their health with caution. The director also said that working with PokerStars and motivating maximum people to host the event can prevent Prostate Cancer from being a killer disease. The Lads Night In is being organized for a good cause and it will certainly turn out to be a huge success like last time with more and more people coming forward to raise funds.