PokerGO Gets New Show

Prop-betting is a reality series that will be showcased in PokerGO in the month of September. Joey Ingram is a podcaster of award winning work.

He is getting ready to host a new show or an original series that would be named Major Wager and would be aired on PokerGO on Tuesday, 5th September. There would be several big stars and some big names in the world of poker who would be facing some outrageous bets in and around Las Vegas. Those who lose will be braving punishments of humiliating nature.

Some well known poker stars who would be part of the show are Sam Abernathy, Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari and others. They would be part of the show that will take a look at the prop betting world and the insane possibilities that can be invoked. The activities at the show would include Top Golf, car racing and pole dancing.

As per the organizers of the show, the main focus is to get competitive personalities to combine in prop betting and poker with a touch of Las Vegas style of gaming and lifestyles. PokerGo would be the platform on which the show would be hosted called Major Wager.

Poker after Dark will see Major Wager to follow in a list of contents that are showcased on PokerGO. The subscription service on September 13th will showcase Poker Masters which is a series of tournaments of the high roller category. There would be top personalities and talents of the game who would participate in the show. PokerGO also has live streams of the ongoing World Poker Tour that is ongoing and will continue at different stops till the end of the year. The finale of Legends of Poker can also be found on this platform for easy viewing by the poker fan community.