Forrest Hungry For More Poker Success

The poker man from Las Vegas, Ted Forrest, dropped out of the college to play in the professional poker league.

His decision was a right one as he is one of the most renowned poker players the country has ever seen. He has 6 WSOP bracelets under his belt so far and is still hungry for more. The love and passion for the game show up whenever he hit the poker table. The feat of winning 6 bracelets is a very big thing and it would be difficult for many players to replicate the performance and show that he has put up so far in his career.

The best achievement of Ted Forrest till date is winning three bracelets in one year. Even though Ted is regarded as one of the best poker players, he has not won a bracelet for some years now. He was able to play at his best in 2014 and won against Phil Hellmuth and this was one of his best performances recently. Winning over Phil was a big achievement as Phil is the proud owner of 14 bracelets, which is no mean feat.

Ted has taken a back seat as far as World Poker Tour is concerned. Forrest has enjoyed good success in his career and very few slumps. He is still very passionate about playing the game and wants to play to win more bracelets. The talks that Ted Forrest is broke are not true as he has had a few good winnings recently and also has got the Poker Hall of Fame nomination.

The poker future looks bright for Ted Forrest and he has plans to do even better. For the win over Phil Hellmuth in 2014, Forrest has got the confidence back that he belongs to the big league and this is why he was seen competing in the 2016 WSOP event.