PokerGO Gets New Show

Prop-betting is a reality series that will be showcased in PokerGO in the month of September. Joey Ingram is a podcaster of award winning work.

He is getting ready to host a new show or an original series that would be named Major Wager and would be aired on PokerGO on Tuesday, 5th September. There would be several big stars and some big names in the world of poker who would be facing some outrageous bets in and around Las Vegas. Those who lose will be braving punishments of humiliating nature.

Some well known poker stars who would be part of the show are Sam Abernathy, Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari and others. They would be part of the show that will take a look at the prop betting world and the insane possibilities that can be invoked. The activities at the show would include Top Golf, car racing and pole dancing. Continue reading PokerGO Gets New Show

Longyun Claims Poker King Cup Macau Main Event

The Chinese poker player Longyun Li won his first live cash tournament last Friday.

The amount that he won was not a lower amount, but was a decent take home amount. Li whittled the challenge posed by 490 contenders at the Poker King Cup Macau Main Event to eventually take home $157,259 in prize money. This is his biggest win so far and he is very much excited about winning the main event in Macau. He had not got six-figure money earnings so far in his live poker career.

The final two players who faced each other at the final table were Li and Malaysian Michael Soyza. They were both evenly stacked and this promised for an exciting matchup between the two. There was a deal struck by the players when they reached the heads-up. They took to the Independent Chip Model to work on a strategy for the prize pool chop.

Soyza was in the lead with a slender margin and had a guaranteed prize of HK$1.135.000 whereas Li received HK$1, 101,000.The two players then went on to play for the extra 5 percent of the prize pool that will earn them the all-important main event title. Continue reading Longyun Claims Poker King Cup Macau Main Event

Forrest Hungry For More Poker Success

The poker man from Las Vegas, Ted Forrest, dropped out of the college to play in the professional poker league.

His decision was a right one as he is one of the most renowned poker players the country has ever seen. He has 6 WSOP bracelets under his belt so far and is still hungry for more. The love and passion for the game show up whenever he hit the poker table. The feat of winning 6 bracelets is a very big thing and it would be difficult for many players to replicate the performance and show that he has put up so far in his career.

The best achievement of Ted Forrest till date is winning three bracelets in one year. Even though Ted is regarded as one of the best poker players, he has not won a bracelet for some years now. He was able to play at his best in 2014 and won against Phil Hellmuth and this was one of his best performances recently. Winning over Phil was a big achievement as Phil is the proud owner of 14 bracelets, which is no mean feat. Continue reading Forrest Hungry For More Poker Success

WSOPC Marrakech Day 1a Status

The WSOP International Circuit Main Event started amid great euphoria.

On the day one field of 172 players started the event at the Marrakech Es Saadi Resort. Out of 172 players, 49 players entered in the Day 2 tournament and are fighting for the Circuit Ring Of WSOP. Rodrigo Strong also came into the completion on his birthday, and got the chip lead with 250,000.

First day of tournament started little slow because of the presence of insufficient number of players. But, slowly, the enthusiasts of poker came up in full force and set the record for WSOP Day 1a attendance.

The poker player of the Great Britain, Barny Boatman participated in the tournament, but the day was not good for him. He started weak, but as the hours moved, he caught up with the game and playing well.

Sarah Herzali had a good day, finishing strong run in 160,000. On day 1a She wasn’t seen scared to play pots by betting three and four many times. Now, Herzali will be accompanied by Jean Montury (151,000) winner of EPT 11 Malta, Circuit Ring of WSOP winner Dmitry Sukhorukov (147,000), and Gerard Carbo (204,500). All three find themselves at the top of the standings. Continue reading WSOPC Marrakech Day 1a Status

Regulations For Poker In Europe

If you thought that online poker rooms have it easy, that is not so.

In order to run legitimate operations there are several approvals that need to be taken by licensing authorities. This is the situation for PokerStars that has been on the mission to expand operations in the different European countries. PokerStars has recently launched its website in Portugal but it is yet to be operational. The launch has happened as was announced in the third quarter conference meeting that was held by Amaya Gaming, the parent company of PokerStars.

Portuguese regulations are holding back due to certain clearances that the online wagering and sport betting sections need. PokerStars is a company that believes in running legit operations in full compliance with country wide regulations. The company has ambitious plans for launching unique online poker events in their Portugal site. For instance, they are planning to have ring side events in this country website. Continue reading Regulations For Poker In Europe

PokerStars Rejoin The Prostate Cancer UK

The annual one night event of Poker “Lads Night In” will be held on 21st of October.

It is a joint venture by the charity named Prostate Cancer UK and PokerStars. The charity helps in raising money towards treatment of prostate cancer. Lads Night In was a grand event which took place last year as there were over 5,400 people that took part to raise funds. The amount raised for charity can be higher this year. The packs of Lads Night In are available on the website of Prostate Cancer UK and it consists of a deck of cards, a sheet with guidelines of the Poker game and a dealer button. Players are inspired to donate regardless of how small is the amount and raise funds by playing the game with their friends and families.

PokerStars are quite delighted as they would be joining hands once again with Prostate Cancer UK as per Sue Hammett, who is the leader in the Rational Group. There are deaths taking place every hour due to this deadly disease and hence PokerStars is trying to do their best to change that. They are getting people ready to take part in the event to ensure that enough money is raised for the betterment of patients. Continue reading PokerStars Rejoin The Prostate Cancer UK