Peter Eastgate-Poker professional holding a bracelet in his hands

When you think of playing the game, you can never forget the game called Poker. Poker is one such game which can yield you not just the fame alone but also the bracelet and cash prizes too. This is the game which is playable across the world from its inception. Thinking of the professional? Then you can never forget Peter eastgate who holds the bracelet in his hands. This player is a determined player who has won the bracelet by knowing the tricks of the game.

The player Peter Eastgate was born on December 13th 1985. The player is from the country of Denmark. The player is knowable for the playing and winning of Main event at the WSOP 2008. The player was very young when he played this game, and turned to be the youngest player to win The event, yet he was surpassed by another player named as Joe Cada who was just 21 while his winning. The player was given the nickname as Icegate and as Isser. The player has made 2 final tables and also money finishes are 3 in numbers. The player has also made the final table twice in European Poker Tour and also the money finishes was around 7 in number.

As Icegate:

It was his friend who introduced the game of playing Poker, where he eventually gained the interest in playing the game, and dropped from his studies to play the game full time. The player was qualified to play the main event by means of Ladbrokes Poker website, thus at last Peter and Demidov entered the finals, whereby Peter defeated Demidov, which was the first bracelet too, thus the game was heads up battle that took 15 hours and 28 minutes to play.

Ted Forrest Poker Player-Popular player for holding 5 bracelets

When you wish to play the game, there are numerous games present here. Poker game is one such game, which is playable across the world, which is actually played by number of the professionals. Professionals play the game in the different manner, whereby they use the tricks to play the game, whereby they handle the cards in a tricky manner. Professionals do handle the game in an interesting manner. Among such players, Ted Forrest is a poker professional from America.

High stake gambler:

Ted was on September 24th 1964, whereby he is the American Poker professional. He is much knowable for his holding of 5 bracelets in the history of World Series of Poker. It’s also very much familiar and also he is popular for bagging the three WSOP bracelets in the very same year 1993. Also, it’s again a dazzling victory of his, which made him placing the rest of the two bracelets in the year 2004 WSOP. It’s really a tragic one, where he lost his three of the bracelets which he earned during the year of 1993, which turned stolen.

He has the rest 2 of the bracelets, among which 1 he gave it to his daughter, and also the other 1 is with him. He is very a competing high stake gambler, on the other words. He was given the very nickname as Professor Backwards and also some names too which include The Suicide King, The Hit man, and also as Spooky which are due to his professional playing. Ted has successfully reached 5 final tables on WPT, whereby he turned winning championship on Professional Poker Tour. In the year 2007, Ted turned winning the Bay 101 shooting stars tournament whereby he defeated J. J. Liu. This is the very longest heads up battle.