2015 WPT Amsterdam Main Event: Boeken and Stephensen in the lead for top place on Day 1a

The first ever day of the €3,300 Main Event of 2015 World Poker Tour Amsterdam was a huge success and the player to come out on top with the chips was Fredrik Andersson with 228,100 counts. He came out of the blue and amassed a huge chip lead over rivals and the phenomenon is owed to the aggressive last levels conducted during the day.

Out of the 130 entries logged on Day 1a, only 54 remained after 9 levels of play. Moving on to the Day 2 the big stakes include Noah Boeken, a local player with 195,200 chips. Felix Stephensen the Main Event runner up in the World Series of Poker also collected 114,400 numbers of chips.

Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi and Anthony Zinno were found battling out immediately after the start of the day’s play, and the two time WSOP bracelet winner, Mizrachi had a bad time and was busted two times, where is the three time winner of WPT Zinno, ended up with 47,700 chips after surviving the day’s play.

Rob Hollink, the Dutch poker legend also bought into the event, and had a quite day relatively, but by the end of the he had 48,000 chips to his account. David Boyaciyan, the former Master Classics of Poker Main Event winner, though busted once would be seen on Day 1b. Similar fate is destined for Paul Newey, as the Big One for One Drop final contestant struggled to make things happen for him.

The €6,000 High Roller event was still on before the Main Event could start, and in the heads-up display Jack Slater was battling Jason Wheeler on Day 1a. Wheeler won the match in the end and he bagged €125,000. Both of them were through on Day 1a, and the chips count for Salter was 56,100 while Wheeler survived to bag 92,800.